Why It Works

Our service works because your boat(s) are always ready to go mechanically. Your boat(s) are always clean. When you are coming to town with friends, family, co-workers, or your personal clients, you do not have to worry about the boat and if it is clean or going to start when you get in it.

If you do our captain-for-hire program you do not even have to worry about putting food or drinks on the boat for your trip. We do everything for you. The only thing you have to do is entertain you guest and let us do the heavy lifting and the worrying about making sure everything is done properly.

Ladies, what about when the men are out of town and you want to sneak a girls’ trip in? Guess what? We have lady captains too! If the ladies want to get out and learn more about fishing and running the boat, that’s awesome! We can take of that as well.

We are a one stop, one email, one phone call concierge service that will cater to your every need!

It is a Monday afternoon and I receive an email from you.

Hello Capt. Brian,
I just want to let you know I will be coming in this
Friday with 4 other couples. The men would like to do a offshore fishing trip on
Saturday in the big boat and the women would like to do a bar hoping / sandbar trip on
Sunday in the little boat. We would also like to have a captain for both days.


Responding Example Email

Hello Mike,

Thanks for letting me know with a few days to get this on the books and prepare everything for you. I am confirming that Saturday will be a offshore fishing trip for 5 guys in the big boat. Sunday will be a booze cruise for 5 ladies in the little boat. I will see if one of our lady captains is free on Sunday to take the ladies. I look forward to seeing you over the weekend!


Friday Evening

  • Big Boat gets fueled
  • Coolers get drinks and ice
  • Motors are ran and lights and pumps checked.
  • Boat gets washed.

Saturday Morning 1 Hour Before Departure Time

  • Lunches and snacks loaded in coolers.
  • Coolers re-iced
  • Bait loaded.
  • Boat is started all systems checked for departure.

Saturday Evening

  • Boat is parked.
  • Fished cleaned if any kept
  • Fishing tackle gets cleaned
  • Boat scrubbed and shut down

How Nice Would It Be If Things Were That Easy?

1 email – 1 response! You showed up and everything was done for you. All you had to do was entertain your guest and get on the boat at departure time. There was no prepping the boat or cleaning the boat or worrying about driving the boat or catching or cleaning fish. All you had to do was entertain and enjoy yourself. Let us do the work that no one else wants to do.

The service we are offering is just that. It is a turn key no hassle worry free concierge service for your boating needs.